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A veteran plays ball.

Recently, Alamo Hospice had a 92-year old World War II veteran on service who was both legally blind and wheelchair dependent. While on hospice care with Alamo, the man was asked to throw the first pitch at the San Antonio Missions game. The man was determined to accomplish this task, and Alamo hospice was determined to help him.

Before the game, the patient’s nursing assistant suggested that the patient throw the ball from his wheelchair. But the man insisted on standing. As the crowd gathered, including Texas State Senator Jose Menendez, this proud WWII veteran slowly rose to his feet. As he did, the crowd erupted into a standing ovation. The man reached back and threw the ball with all his might, landing the pitch to begin the game. Throughout the night, you could hear the patient yell “Play ball!” while he enjoyed the game and his contribution to it.


A special family reunion.

A recent patient of Harrison’s Hope had one last wish – to go to Washington for one final family reunion. Due to his rapidly declining condition and his increasing dependency on oxygen, the trip seemed impossible. That is until his hospice team along with the helping hands of many others stepped in to make a difference.

The hospice nurse and executive director spent time determining the right amount of oxygen to take on the trip and arranging delivery with the equipment company. The company ended up donating a concentrator to go with the needed tanks. A partnership was also forged with the patient’s church. The congregation donated money for gasoline and one of the church’s parishioners lent the use of an RV to make the trip manageable. Hospice Partner’s Hope Foundation contributed monetarily to fund the remaining items needed for the trip. A Harrison’s Hope volunteer and a church member agreed to drive the RV and accompany the patient and his wife on the trip. The volunteer fitted the RV with all of the needed medical equipment and installed a bar so the patient could hang and stretch from it.

The night before the trip, the crew discovered that the air conditioner in the RV was broken. Instead of calling off the trip, the volunteer removed the compressor from his own RV and replaced the broken one. Finally, at 3 am on the day of the departure, the RV was ready. Later that morning, the group was on their way. Ten hours and 450 miles later, they arrived at what was nothing less than a magnificent family reunion.


A dream ride.

A patient on service with Serenity Hospice was known to love Cadillacs. He had owned one years ago and loved to discuss the cars in great detail. His social worker found out that the patient wished to take a final ride in a Cadillac convertible. Soon, the search to make this magic happen began.

After some searching, the hospice team learned that the President of the local Cadillac and Desalle Club had a gorgeous light lavender Cadillac Desalle convertible with black leather interior. He and his wife graciously offered to give the patient his dream ride in this car.

On a beautiful day everyone met at the patient’s home to surprise him. With the help of a lift, the patient was settled into the car. This was quite the undertaking, but it was well worth the effort. The patient, his wife, the car owners, and the Hospice nurse were off on their adventure. When they finally arrived back at their home, they all had smoothies and little bit of sun on their faces. The ride was truly a wish come true!


Crab cakes and companionship.

A patient was faced with the amputation of a leg. She was determined not to lose a limb and so she refused treatment. Around the same time, she was referred to Hospice of Virginia. The patient had a history of being pushed to take medical actions she didn’t want to take and now lacked trust in medical personnel. This made transferring her from the ICU to our hospice a touch tricky. She was worried that any change of rooms was going to actually mean a trip to the operating room to take her leg. She had established some degree of trust with the hospice admissions nurse, but was anxious about the change.

As the chaplain entered the ICU room to prepare for the transfer, she introduced herself, explained the goals and quickly learned that this patient was tough as nails. The chaplain began to talk about the patient’s life story. They were both Richmonders and were able to talk about familiar things such as neighborhoods, work, schools, and church.

As it turned out, the chaplain’s parents were from a town familiar to the patient that was famous for blue crab. This patient went on and on about how she loved those blue crabs!

The chaplain made a call to a friend and asked which restaurant to go to for a 3 PM crab cake. She got the name of a place and during the patient’s first night in her new room she was surprised with a crab cake dinner.


A Thanksgiving to remember.

A Hospice Partners agency received a call about a 64-year-old man who had just been evaluated for hospice. The patient and his wife were adamant that they were not ready for hospice, but just a week later, the patient’s facility called to say that the man was getting sicker and was ready for our care.

His only wish was to have one last Thanksgiving in their home as a family. The facility thought it was too late, but his hospice team said absolutely not! The discharge planner was in tears and overwhelmed at this spirit of care, compassion and generosity.

The hospice team arrived at the patient’s home early. By the time the patient arrived, everything was perfectly in place – including a full Thanksgiving meal brought by the hospice team. As the EMTs wheeled him into his home, he beamed with joy while saying over and over, “I am home!”

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