Your Covered Services

Most hospice patients are covered by Medicare or Medicaid; however, private insurance is often accepted. All services listed below are covered by Medicare and Medicaid at 100% with no deductible or coinsurance when they are related to your hospice diagnosis and part of your approved hospice plan of care:

  • Medical evaluations/services provided by Hospice-employed physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • Physician office visits to your primary care physician.
  • Registered Nurses to provide in-home visits, hands-on care and care coordination for your health care needs.
  • Registered Nurse available by phone 24/7 to answer questions and provide in-home visits when needed.
  • Hospice aide and homemaker services.
  • Social work services to provide both emotional support and practical information. They are knowledgeable of a variety of community services which can provide additional support including: Meals on Wheels, alternative housing options, end-of-life planning, and insurance applications, just to name a few.
  • Spiritual counseling and support from hospice chaplains. These individuals are knowledgeable and respectful of a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions.
  • Volunteer support (friendly calls, visits and general support).
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy when needed to relieve symptoms.
  • Dietary counseling.
  • Grief support and loss counseling for up to thirteen months after the patient’s death.
  • Drugs related to your hospice diagnosis.
  • Drugs for symptom control and pain relief.
  • Medical equipment (such as wheelchair, hospital bed, walker, etc.).
  • Medical supplies (such as diapers, catheters, wound supplies, etc.).
  • Short-term care in a hospital for control of hospice symptoms.
  • Short-term respite care in a nursing home for up to five days at a time if your caregiver needs a rest.
  • Around-the-clock, in-home care for short periods in the event of an acute medical crisis.

The hospice benefit DOES NOT cover the following services:

  • Treatment or medications intended to cure your illness.
  • Prescription medications not directly related to your hospice diagnosis.
  • Care from another provider that is the same care you are receiving from hospice.
  • Nursing home room & board (with the exception of Respite care).
  • Care from any provider for your hospice diagnosis that was not pre-approved or arranged by your hospice team (includes Emergency Department visits, ambulance transportation or hospitalization).

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